This cheatsheet is for version 1 of Magit and many things have changed considerably in version 2, including the key bindings. If you are using version 2 (which you should), then instead head over to the new homepage, which among other things features a new manual and a semi-official refcard. If you are updating from version 1 to 2, then you should also read the update instructions.

Magit Cheatsheet

Table of Contents


M-x magit-status Magit's status buffer The main entry point to Magit, and the context where the commands described in this cheatsheet are meant to be executed. Probably a good idea to bind magit-status to a key.
$ magit-process buffer Behind-the-scenes. Displays the git command and its output.
g reload status buffer Necessary to update an existing Magit status buffer after saving a file in emacs, or after making changes to repo outside of emacs.

Section Visibility

TAB Toggle visibility of current section  
S-TAB Toggle visibility of current section and its children  
1,2,3,4 Expand current section to the corresponding level of detail - 1, 2, 3 or 4 e.g., 4 will show all detail for the current section.
M-1,2,3,4 Expand all sections to the corresponding level of detail - 1, 2, 3 or 4 e.g., M-4 will show all detail for the entire buffer.

Untracked Files

s Add untracked file to staging area  
i Add file to .gitignore  
C-u i Prompt for file/directory to add to .gitignore  
I Add file to .git/info/exclude instead of .gitignore  

Staging and Committing

s Stage current hunk If point is in diff header, will stage all hunks belonging to current diff. If a region is active, only lines in that region will be staged. This is a distinct improvement on the conventional 'git add -p', the splitting mechanics of which are… 'imperfect'.
u Unstage current hunk As with s command, only in reverse: diff headers and regions provide a corresponding context to the unstage action.
S Stage all hunks  
U Unstage all hunks  
k Discard uncommitted changes As with s command.
c Prepare for commit Pops up magit-log-edit buffer. to allow you to enter your commit message.
C-c C-c Execute commit Actually triggers commit action. Fire this inside the magit-log-edit commit message buffer. To postpone the commit for later, just C-x b to a different buffer and come back to this buffer when you're ready,
C-c C-a Make the next commit an amend  


l History Shows terse history for repository.
L Verbose history  
C-u l History segment Will prompt for beginning and end points.
RET Inspect commit Shows full information for commit and move point into the new buffer.
a Stage current commit on your current branch Useful to cherrypick changes while browsing an alternative branch. Cherrypicked changes need to be committed manually.
A Commit current commit on your current branch As with 'a', but will automatically commit changes when there aren't any conflicts.
C-w Copy sha1 of current commit into kill ring  
= Show differences between current and marked commits  
.. Mark current commit  
. Unmark current commit if marked  
C-u .. Unmark marked commit from anywhere  


h Browse reflog from HEAD Reflog buffer works just like History buffer described above.
H Browse reflog from chosen point  


d Show changes between working tree and HEAD  
D Show changes between two arbitrary revisions  
a Apply current changes to working tree Change-selection works as described in 'Staging and Committing' above.
v Apply current changes to working tree in reverse  


t Make lightweight tag  
T Prepare annotated tag Launches magit-log-edit buffer for writing annotation.
C-c C-c Commit annotated tag Actually triggers annotated tag action.


x Reset your current head to chosen revision No changes will be made to working tree or staging area. Typing x while point is in a line describing a commit will offer this commit as the default revision to reset to.
X Reset working tree and staging area to most recent committed state Destructive! Will discard all local modifications.


z Create new stash Stashes are listed in the status buffer.
Z Create new stash and maintain state Leaves current changes in working tree and staging area.
RET View stash  
a Apply stash  
A Pop stash  
k Drop stash  


b Switch to different branch Current branch is indicated in header of status buffer.
B Create and switch to new branch  


w Show summary of how other branches relate to current branch  
i Toggle ignore branch  
C-u w Show all branches including ignored ones  


m Initiate manual merge Applies all changes to working area and index, without committing.
M Initiate automatic merge Applies all changes to working area and index. Commits changes immediately.


R Initiate or continue a rebase  
E Initiate an interactive rebase  


r s Start a rewrite  
v Revert a given commit  
r t Remove bookkeeping information from buffer  
r a Abort rewriting  
r f Finish rewriting Applies all unused commits.
r * Toggle the * mark on a pending commit  
r .. Toggle the . mark on a pending commit  

Pushing and Pulling

P git push Uses default remote repository.
C-u P git push to specified remote repository  
C-u C-u P git push to specified remote as specified branch  
f git remote update  
F git pull  

Interfacing with Subversion

N r git svn rebase  
N c git svn dcommit  

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